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The Last Word



Write that same old story… Say it was never for me

And still you’ll find… I’ll be the last word on your-

It’s a worn out English novel… Did you think that would not bother me

Each page in time… I’ll be the last word on your line


If I had a dime for your every lie

sure I’d be king of Spain

Then again…


If I had a minute for your every sin

You know I’d be Father Time

In my mind…


There’s a scar on the record she’s spinning

It plays over and over- back to the beginning

But the message is clear it says “I’m sorry my dear”

You never heard the words I said-

You never wanted to hear. So:


Write that same old story…etc. (chorus)


If I had a name for you every game

You could watch it on T.V.

Like jeopardy…


If I had a song for your every wrong

I’d be famous like Billy Joel

Or The Queen of Soul…


I was mending the fence- you were pulling the patches

I was watching the race- you were watching for crashes

So you say that you’re gone- guess you misunderstood

I can read you like the pages of a paperback book. So:


Write that same old story… etc (chorus)


            Once upon a time it started

            Open arms and open hearted

            Happy ever after’s hard, and

            Part of me is still a part of you… is still a part of you

            Is still a part of you-


I put it all on the plate- but you were lost in a bottle

I tried to slam on the brakes but you were twisting the throttle

Now you say you want it back but baby listen to this

I’ve got a story of my own- it’s on the best seller’s list. So:


Write that same old story… etc (chorus)

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