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Crash Transit: We're Baaack- but What the Heck Happened???

Crash T. is back and ready to roll with new faces and new songs and even a new version of the ‘Are We There Yet?’ album (with 4 additional tracks!!). But people wanna know- “What the heck happened? Where’d you guys go”??

Well… here’s the skinny.

Last year, we’re on top of the world; All-Star band (English Pete, Matt Australia, Harold ‘Tower’ Skeete, Rich ‘Sugar’ Zukor), new album (a little rushed and tweeky, but fresh and exciting), a brand-spanking new website with interactive social media, 4 music videos done and 1 in production, an Album Release Party booked and 4 weeks away, podcasts and radio interviews scheduled throughout the weeks before the release party to add to the continuing ‘big buzz’ - we’d even booked a music festival!! Ready… Set… ‘MURPHY/STEINBECK’!!!

Yep, the ol’ Murphy/Steinbeck which is the unfortunate combination of Murphy’s Law (whatever can go wrong, will go wrong) and John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ (which is a reference to Burns’ quote: “The best laid schemes o’ Mice and Men soon go awry”…)- blah, blah you get the gist; BAM! Bad Luck kicked us in the Subwoofers.

One of the bandmembers (whose name will be withheld to protect the innocent and save the utter embarrassment of getting your butt kicked by Mother Nature…) got zapped by one of those “possible bug bite turns into the flu, turns into pneumonia-ish wtf, turns into ‘call the medic and an exorcist!’ type situations. Hospitals, Doctors (medical and Witch), specialists, big machines with acronyms for names, the entire 2017-2018 Big Pharma budget (drugs…lotsa drugs…) - all without a solid, understandable common english diagnosis of what the hell was wrong. The 1 thing that the great minds of the Hippocratic community agreed on was that there was “no way in hell” that this bandmember could play rock and roll until this ‘mystery malady’ was under control. Rock and Roll falls somewhere between jogging and Rugby on the physical exertion scale [if done correctly]. Playing in Crash Transit is kind’a like running with stolen goods; chased by Dobermans.

And then came: The ‘T’s’. Tests. More Tests. Treatment. Physical Therapy and a lot of Twiddling of Thumbs.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band worried and waited (I, personally worried, waited and drank - but that’s just me…). There was no timeline on our friends Health. No rush. We just wanted our brother to get better.

Good New Is: HE DID!!! Our bandmate has made a full recovery and is fit as a fiddle (er…Gibson or something…)! In the months off, we made a few changes - our brother Matt Australia moved…well, back to Australia! He’s still rockin’ down under and doing fine (love you man!). Rich Z. is the busiest drummer around and you can’t hold a Tiger like that by the tail. He’s rocking with heavyweights all around the NY area and killin’ it as per usual. Taking the reins as the new Big-Boom-Bap is the incredible Kevin Austin (K-Aus or Roll-X) one of the finest timekeepers I’ve had the pleasure of working with; with an instinctive balance for huge and tasty, rock and groove. He fits this music like a glove - oh, and he’s a damn nice Guy! And in a surprise move, we’ve joined forces with Jimmy Gerovac of Craving Strange who will be rocking out on guitars and vocals. (SQUEEE!!!)

So now, we’re back on top of the world; All-Star band (English Pete, Jimmy G., Harold ‘Tower’ Skeete, Kevin ‘K-Aus’ Austin), new album (4 new tracks added- making a more complete and polished body of work), a brand-spanking new website with interactive social media, 4 music videos done and 2 in production, and an Album Release Party on its way.

They say “some things happen for a reason…” I AM SURE THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!! LOL!!!!!

Stay Tuned- Crash Transit Comin’ At’cha!!!☺phil

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