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Crash Transit

Crash Transit

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HOLD (Ukraine)

Crash Transit in the studio recording their new album





It sounds like the beginning of a good joke: “a Voodoo Southern Soulman, an English Mad Scientist, a New York Prog Titan, a Punk Rocker and a Time Machine walk into a bar….”

It turns out to be… the beginning of a good band.


CRASH TRANSIT is the wayward brain-child of singer/songwriter PHIL RICHARDS in collaboration and co-conspiracy with guitarist/composer/producer “English Pete”, PETE CIPPA. A “bad cop/good cop”, “Abbott and Costello” combo that started with a beer, a Football vs. Futbol / Beatles vs. Stones debate, some bad sing-a-long torch songs and eventually a trip to the studio to make some music.


RICHARDS’ approach to songwriting is unbridled and spontaneous, changing moods and colors from angst to outrage to politic, pop-culture, whimsy to whiskey. There is no filter and he wants to tell every story, all at once, in a kaleidoscope / clown car of sound.

CIPPA (fortunately) is a seasoned song-smith / music-whisperer whose sage and tactical approach to composition is a perfect equalizer to Richards’ distortion. Meanwhile, his slick and manicured arrangements stand juxtaposed to his frenzied banshee guitar licks. An accomplished soloist, Cippa growls and croons and creates counter-melodies that sing within the tracks, spawning a “duet effect” between voice and guitar.


The chemistry and creation were explosive and immediate - now it was time for a band.

In top secret, clandestine meetings - a group of Earth's Mightiest Heroes was formed: "AVENGERS ASSEM..." oh wait... wrong group. But it was kind'a like that.

Bassist HAROLD "Tower" SKEETE is one of the most sought after musicians in the New York area, having shared the stage and studio with a veritable laundry list of the “who’s who” in Rock, Jazz, Progressive, Funk and Experimental music – and is a master of all styles! His thunderstruck subsonics are the bedrock of the CRASH TRANSIT sound. When he’s not slumming with the C.T. boys, he’s one of the driving forces of the acclaimed progressive fusion/rock band AD ASTRA or trading grooves with Grammy Winning guitarist/producer: LARRY MITCHELL.

Drummer/Pecussionist KEVIN "K-Aus" AUSTIN started his career 'hardcore' or, actually in the Army Corps Recruiting Command, then moved to tour and teach in Germany (including a clinic with the legendary BILLY COBHAM), Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Austria!! Then he was off to La La Land (Los Angeles) to add acting to his already impressive musical resume. Continued touring and performing brought him to New York, where he knew he'd found a home. (must've been the good transit...)


In a surprise move, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Nuclear Weapon JIMMY GEROVAC ("Jimmy G.") joined the Crashmen; sharing time between them and his super-human, high-edge-energy band: CRAVING STRANGE. A true road warrior with hundreds and hundreds of super-lit gigs under his belt and not enough push-pins or darts to mark all of the places he's been on the map. He is the Tesla, the Energizer Bunny (if the Bunny had Fangs and Claws) and one of the most savage showmen to step on a stage! Jimmy "Brings It" Every. Night.

So here we are - CRASH TRANSIT has all wheels on track and is ready to roll... no, ready to Fly. The new album: “LIGHTSPEED" is in the works and our aspirations are uncharted. Engage. All Aboard!!
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